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Everyday Photography Tips

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Simple tips that can take your everyday photography hobby to a new skill set for better pictures. Why not? After all taking pictures it's a part of our everyday life.

- A lens cloth is an important accessory. You really shouldn’t be using your fingers or shirt sleeves to clean your lens.

- Know your equipment: Practice-Practice-Practice. Take time to set up different objects around the house and practice under different light and objects scenarios. Review the pictures and think on the environment: lots of light, to dark, sunlight, angles, etc.

- Frame: Look for opportunities to frame your photos in dramatic ways such as breaks in the environment or open portals like glass less windows and open doors.

- Angles: Play with angles in vertical and horizontal frame positions. Move the camera frame 15 - 45 degrees to the right or to the left and frame the subject to one of the edges.  Can you see the difference? Give it a try!

- Camera shake: Why my images are blurry? The slightest movement while taking a picture can lead to camera shake. Hold the camera steady, and gently squeeze the shutter button rather than pressing it to avoid blurry images.

- If your subject looks uncomfortable, hand them a prop.

- Hold the camera at the subject eye level. For pets and children get ready to kneel.

- Many subjects look better in a vertical picture. Make an effort to turn your camera sideways and take some vertical pictures.

- When the day is beautiful, go ahead and make the most of it.

- Once you download your images to your computer, back them up to a second hard drive.

- When you look at your final images don't be hard on yourself.  Find positive ways to improve your technique.

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